Deafening whisper

06 May

Itz been ages, I feel like a stranger on this blog. I guess life just had a different dish for me and I couldn’t eat from the menu of the blogosphere.

Honestly I don’t have any topic in mind, I’m just doing this with a view to updating my blog and knowing what it feels like to blog again.
Since my last post, my life has had many dramatic episodes

  • I’ve grown much more beard
  • I got into college
  • Had the craziest love life ever (trust me)
  • Got more privacy from my parents
  • Started working (Just for a while)
  • Got a better insight of life (I guess that happens to everyone)

You could just say I’ve grown a bit and when events occur, I’m expected to have a man’s vantage point.
The world has played itz own part in shaping my life further (not like my life was ever in shape), but I think this is the part where my choices possess much stronger consequences and there is a very urgent need for caution. And I guess this is where I have to make my own “I have a dream” speech coz I sure wanna suceed in life.

I’ve seen wealth, wine, women, everything there is to see, my only pain is that I’m outside looking in, a window shopper, I’m thrilled by the luxury, the fame, the fortune but you only get a glance and life reminds you that you can’t taste it just yet. You can look but don’t touch.
So the wine, wealth and women I see aren’t mine and I’m striving to give my existence a definition, Striving to have a taste of the good life, trying to MAKE MONEY but I guess we all know there are a million ways to do that and I’ve just gotta make the right choices.

Everytime I’m reminded of the task and how far I’ve gone but everytime I fail, the world is in my ears telling me with a deafening whisper.
I’ve just gotta get it right coz I don’t wanna hear no whisper no more

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