Fire Fire fire ………..

02 Jun

From the title, you would know that there is reason to run. There are many things I’ve seen, some good and some bad but the sight from this morning’s tragic incident was disheartening.

  It was about 1:30am on the morning of 2nd June, 2008 when Timothy stepped in and asked if we smelt smoke, I didn’t smell anything neither did any other person so we acted like he didn’t exist until 20 minutes later, it really was unbearable, it was obvious that something was burning up. Then Edu came in and told us that the supermarket across the road just opposite our building was on Fire.
We ran to the balcony to see flames ascending to the heavens, I would have compared this inferno to that of the World Trade Center but I was never there in New York, it was a gory sight the kind we see in movies.

Tim and I decided to go out for a closer look, we got down and there at the scene gathered people and the most surprising thing was that the Fire Service guys were there with their Truck. Now I’m not trying to sound negative or pessimistic but I never knew that the Fire service in Nigeria would respond to you if you called them at that time of the day.
Problem #1: There was no way to get water in, the doors and windows were tightly shut. Don’t know where the key was and for some minutes everyone stood helplessly watching goods worth millions burn inside the shop. Some guys broke open the back windows, then the fireman pumped water into the building. It kinda abated the fire.

Problem #2: All of a sudden the fireman said the water in the truck had been exhausted, now this was definitely not a good time for that. When he was told to go and get another truck, he said the fire service had one and only one truck. Now isn’t that something. People had to use buckets to fetch water from a nearby well. The fire finally went off at about 3:00am, I bet this was a day of horror for the owner of Tonson Supermarket.

Misfortune strikes at whoever is close to it, all the while I was asking God “Why”.
“God why would you let this happen” I don’t think the shop got burnt because the owner is a sinner or because he blasphemed against the Lord. Itz something we call a disaster which can happen to anyone. It was touching to see people give a helping hand.
It kinda made me appreciate the life we have, we grumble about a lot of things but there are people with far worse problems than ours. We quietly marched back to our place, feeling sorry for the fella that just recieved a deadly blow from life.

Just Like Asa would say “There is fire on the mountain”


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4 responses to “Fire Fire fire ………..

  1. Olamild

    November 7, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    It is nice to know that you’ve got people
    besides family willing to support and help out in times of need
    but it is sad … can you imagine the fire department saying they
    only had one truck and they ran out of water?
    What nonsense!

    There is fire on the mountain 4real
    and there is fire in Nigeria
    we need someone to quench that fire
    by fixing the most important things
    like provided enough facilities for schools, fire departments etcetera…

  2. Olamild

    November 7, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    Beautiful template by the way!

  3. jay

    December 15, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    nice blog, love the template. please put in more posts!

  4. Kelechi Kemnele

    August 13, 2011 at 1:36 am

    and there is usually a problem btw 1 & 2…say 1.5, where the fire service always comes to the scene late…happens most of the time, i have even seen where they came with a water tanker…a school water tanker…whatever happened to their truck?!?


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