Living my life

19 Nov

I haven’t been here in a thousand years, been too lazy to update.
Not that i don’t have what to write about, but i think procrastination has had the better part of me lately.

Still striving violently to gain admission into a college.
In Nigeria, things like this are close to impossible.
These past experiences have taught me many lessons.
I still believe i want more from life, i get that feeling that I’ve gotta be some great guy, but don’t know how to go about it.
I know i’m gonna do a lot of things, but somehow i need to be in school. Coz sitting at home idly is something you sure don’t wanna experience.

Many things have happened, as usual I’ve taken a lot of exams and I’m yet to get some results.
Things have just happened.
I really wouldn’t say that I’ve been in charge of my life coz i just live as time, space, people and the world permits, itz like my life has been blown by the wind tossing me in different directions and instead of creating an opposing force, i just let the wind take me wherever it wishes. Thatz the kind of life I’ve had lately. The life that forces me to bend when my bones ache. I really don’t have the strenght to oppose anything right now and maybe thatz why i just flow.

I’m still hoping, praying and believing that my MIRACLE (thatz a big word) is on the way.
Got no choice but to live my life, probably stay outta trouble. I try.

Love from the Oracle.

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